Standard Process Micro Biome




The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit, Powered by BIOHM®, is used to assess the gut microbiome’s diversity and provide suggestions towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit is a two-part assessment which is derived from:

  • Gut microbiome analysis using next generation genetic sequencing of a stool sample to discover the diversity of the bacteria and fungi that live in your patient’s gut, and
  • A Lifestyle Questionnaire that is completed by the patient when the test is registered on the software portal.

As part of the test, you and your patient will receive a comprehensive and personalized Gut Report outlining:

  • Microbiome diversity
  • Phyla balance
  • Presence of beneficial species
  • Presence of pathogenic species

In addition to microbiome analysis, the Gut Report includes individualized recommendations and/or insights (that may include Standard Process and MediHerb® products) based on test results. It will provide additional information to assist patients and health care professionals to:

  • Measure. Taking supplements and modifying diet and lifestyle does not guarantee a balanced microbiome – it must be measured.
  • Modify. With results and insights from the Gut Report, you will have the tools to personalize supplement choices, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • Monitor. Track how dietary, lifestyle, and supplement changes affect the Gut Score™.

What is microbiome testing?
Microbiome testing is the use of next generation genetic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to compare a patient’s microbiome with that of a normal/healthy individual. This will reveal the composition, balance and levels of bacteria and fungi inside of the gut from a stool sample.

Why has Standard Process partnered with BIOHM to create a gut microbiome test?

  • BIOHM has completed thousands of consumer gut microbiome tests,
  • Recognized expertise in bacterial and fungal interactions,
  • Uses the 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing for microbiome analysis — the gold standard for bacterial and fungal sequencing,
  • Validated and standardized testing methods used in 100+ research studies, and
  • Easy-to-understand report based on well-established research.